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Estate Planning

Whether you need to develop a full estate plan, basic will, or establish power of attorney, we'll develop a customized plan that fits your circumstances and ensures you and your loved ones are in good hands.


Preparing for the death of a loved one is never easy. We'll ease the stress and help you navigate the process by filing paperwork and distributing assets.

Probate and Estate Planning in Houston, TX

Probate, Estate Planning, and Wills – these are terms that are commonly tossed around in legal circles, but for most people, they can be confusing. Many people don't even know what these terms mean, let alone the important role they play in protecting their assets and legacy. Next, we're going to dive into each of these concepts and explore how they work together to safeguard your estate in Conroe, TX and the Houston, TX area.


Probate is a court process that takes place after someone has passed away. It is meant to ensure that the deceased person's debts are paid, their assets are distributed according to their will (or if there is no will, according to state law), and that all other legal matters related to the estate are taken care of. Generally, the probate process involves appointing an executor (also called a personal representative) to manage the estate's affairs, taking inventory of the estate's assets and liabilities, and distributing the remaining property to the beneficiaries. The probate process can be lengthy, time-consuming, and expensive, which is why many people choose to avoid it by creating an estate plan. If you are looking for a probate lawyer in Conroe, TX or Houston, TX area be sure to contact us. We are here to help.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves making a plan for what will happen to your assets after you pass away. It is the process of determining how you want your property to be distributed, who you want to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated, and how you want your healthcare to be managed if you become unable to make decisions for yourself. Every person's estate plan is unique, and it's important to work with an experienced estate planning attorney in Conroe, TX or Houston, TX to create a plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Some common estate planning tools include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advance directives.


A will is a legal document that outlines how you want your assets to be distributed after you pass away. It's also where you name an executor who will be responsible for managing your estate and carrying out your wishes. In your will, you can name beneficiaries who will receive your property, as well as any conditions or restrictions for receiving it. You can also name guardians for your minor children and pets, and specify any funeral or burial arrangements. It's important to keep your will up to date, especially if your circumstances change, such as a marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child. Looking for a Will lawyer in Houston, TX or Conroe, TX then please reach out to us. We can help.



Estate Planning





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